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Jerry–I’ll dig into the waiver soon.  At a glance, it’s pretty thorough and I don’t know if I have much to add.  We are somewhat restricted in what we can do with ours, because of
the AMCA affiliation and guidance.  But I’d like to come up with something for joint rides that minimizes paperwork.  We already have approval from the National to do a joint waiver for PCC and Rockies chapters.


I saw the latest PCC email from Leonard.  It looks like the demographic and desires of PCC is changing.  The Rockies chapter has no problem taking more of a leadership / organizing
role, and including more PCC members in activities.  We’ve already got volunteers from PCC for the 2021 AMCA Road Run out of Crested Butte, and we may ask a couple if they want to help with our swap meet at Dirty Dogs on June 7.  You might spread the word
at BMAC, by the way.  It’s $10 for a vendor space, just to cover the chapter costs.  It’s a different crowd from Cliff’s swap in September, but many of the same things would sell.  And the weather is warmer!  So if anybody you know is interested in supporting
both, send the flyer!


And let’s start talking soon about a Riverside leg from Lakewood or Morrison or Golden to Empire.  I can get the chapter officers on board, and start to build enthusiasm this year. 
We should be able to provide BMAC with help.  Our biggest strength is that many of the members live north and west of Denver.  So maybe members could help with trailer parking, sag support for the initial leg, route monitoring for construction or other hazards
and so on.  What are the dates?








Pleasure travel with my wife has been eating up most my time.  Hence my not showing at some of the big events around Colorado.  Looks like this summer will be better so I hope to make
a lot of rides.


I think meeting up with the Ft. Collins crowd for lunch in Empire makes a lot of sense.  We can leave home at a more reasonable hour instead of O’dark thirty, make the short run to
Empire, socialize with our friends and then make the trek to Riverside for the overnight.  Same thing on return is pick a route back to Denver/Colorado Springs area and we are good to go.


The BMAC has an understanding in place with the Norton Colorado club that all our rides are open to each others group.  If there is some cost factor (like gas for the SAG wagon) we
pay our fair share.  The same goes with the AMCA Phantom Canyon Chapter (Riverside ride) so if we can get on board with the AMCA Denver chapter the same way that would be great.


I have attached a Generic liability release you are welcome to use.  We just clean it up and plug in the particulars for each event and bring copies to the start for people to sign


Look forward to seeing you.

Jerry!  Good to hear from you.


I sent Stoner a separate note thanking him for including me in the discussion.  I agree that the traditional Fort Collins start is getting more difficult and frustrating due to traffic
and given the fact that the route practically grazes the west end of Denver.  Our chapter goal is to increase the number of rides we host or send groups to participate in, and Riverside has come up more than once.  But folks are leery of the drive to the start,
especially given that many of them live on the west side of Denver.  I’m sure we’ll get some participation if we can build a leg that allows folks living in this area a better option.  I’m the Rockies Chapter AMCA VP again this year, and we’re already well
on our way planning the June 2021 chapter road run based out of Crested Butte.  I’m sure we can offer some help to organizing a leg from Lakewood or Golden or some such, to meet Riverside at an official start point anywhere from Idaho Springs to Empire.  We
might also be able to help design waivers and deal with liability issues.


Steve Hawthorne





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I like Gary’s idea.  We launch from Denver, Colorado Springs and Ft. Collins in separate groups.  Colorado Springs and Denver guys could meet up in Golden or someplace more convenient
and ride up to the usual lunch stop location to pick up the Colorado Springs riders.  From there on, it’s one big happy family.


I enjoy the early part of the old route but it’s becoming a hassle getting up there for the jump off.  If anybody from Denver or Colorado Springs wants to do the full monte they are
on their own to make it to the start line in Ft. Collins and maintain tradition.


I think this might be a good plan for a bunch of aging geezers so let’s think in this direction.





Yeah!   Right on Mike    You do a Great job puttin this ride on   I do think we should consider anther start point in Golden,  Then we can meet up in Empire for the lunch stop?   Gar





I missed opening this one prior.  Sounds like Mike wants to keep the tradition alive.  Need to decide if we just want to dovetail with Riverside as usual or create a new event.  I am not one for reinventing the wheel so let’s get that decided up front and all
the other planning might just go away.





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 Hi Mike Powell here  the ride will be june 27th and 28th , the weekend after fathers day . Working with the Dana at RIVERSIDE GARAGE CABINS and phantom canyon riders up north. We
mostly have lunch in EMPIRE could be an meeting place  , might add a night
up there also  just inthe planing stage 

As dana (at the cabins )told me they rent out two night s I will see  .we were thinking of keeping the over night(s) in Riverside as less people seem to be going, I think we will
keep the planing of the 31st RIVERSIDE RIDE … Up here for now   thank you
seems people have jioned in where ever they wanted to along the route …… there are big cabin lodges to rent also




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Your idea for having move then one start point for the ride is good. 


For example, the R.M.A.T. pack which conducts a annually rally in Montrose ever year does this. The pack will
have several groups departing from the Denver metro area from different locations
and take different routes to Montrose. 


The challenges will be, finding someone to organize the overall Ride and find someone from each start point to plan and lead each group. From personal experience the last challenge
will be the hards.  


Over the years I have lead a group for R.M.A.T. July rally from the south eastern Denver metro area and their Fall overnight ride. And take my word
for it, if can be challenging. Remember herding cats. 


I’m will to help however I can.  Just keep in mind I’m one of those pour
still tainted with a job. 


Bob Wendl


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I had a telephone message from Mike Powell (Phantom Canyon Chapter of the  AMCA).  They have always run the Riverside ride every year since the BMAC initiated it back in the 1980’s.  Mike mentioned the club didn’t want to run it anymore and he asked if the
BMAC would take it over.  I have not got back to him yet but wanted to float an idea past you.


We are looking at doing at least one overnight ride (Lake City) and possibly more (Stoners antique ride and  ?).  It seems to me that combining the Riverside riders from Ft. Collins and Denver and our group in Colorado Springs we could put something together
without a whole lot of effort and make it a real wing ding event.  I am including Eric Bergman to see if our friends at the Norton Club might have something going on that we could piggyback our folks on. 


I think one of the limiting factors of participation has been the starting point is out early at a location far from our homes.  I have gone to Ft. Collins the night prior just so I didn’t have to ride 120 miles Saturday before the event and dodge traffic on
I-25 to be at the start at 9 am.  If we have the starting points close to home we remove this obstacle and the need to trailer the bikes and can just ride from home.


I am proposing we have three starting points (Colorado Springs, Denver  and Ft. Collins) where the largest population of riders are from, and launch each at a time where we can plan to meet up for Lunch on the way to the final destination (that place to be
determined by where we are headed).  Then we ride together to the destination, dinner and overnight and return the next day as was the formula for Riverside.  I think keeping it to a Saturday and Sunday is better for those still tainted with a job.  If we
try for 3 days, we cut the number able to come out and play.


If we pick a destination with camping and motels we let everybody make their own arrangements so we don’t have to get into those details.  We could probably get a discounted block of rooms at one of the motels and have our riders stay together there if they
want.  We would have at least one chase truck/trailer and hope we get to lunch destination without a breakdown on one of the separate routes.  I encourage everybody to join the AMA for their MC breakdown/towing coverage or via other private insurance policies
as backup.


So there it is.  Please “Reply All” with your thoughts, comments and suggestions so we are all on the same page – this is like a silent conference call.  If we get going now, we have plenty of time to get the event and ride plan into play and give our riders
lots of time to plan.


Carpe Diem,







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