At Black Forest Brewing, 11590 Black Forest Rd.

Back about three years ago I agreed to assemble Jeff Gilmore’s 72 Commando. Then we had to postpone for a couple of years because of my injuries. Finally the time was right to get started, so this past November Jeff brought the first parts to my house. (If you were at the club meeting last month you heard the story of the frame disaster). Finally two weeks ago we had enough parts that we could begin assembling the bike. You know of course that anybody can restore a jap bike, real men work on British machines. There is some truth to that one. Even with a lift and a hoist Jeff and I spent the first few days with a taper drift a pry bar and a mallet. We bolted things together then took them apart more than a few times. If you haven’t put one of these things together in recent memory then it is impossible to know the correct order that everything must be assembled. Who would guess that if you wanted to install the horn in the original position under the battery box it would need to in place before the rear fender and wheel went on. I was glad that Jeff stuck it out with me until we had a rolling chassis with the engine and tranny in. We both know the correct order of assembly now, at least for a little while anyway. Jeff will bring the bike in for show and tell when it is finished. Meantime watch for an email from Jeff with a few pictures of what we have so far.

That’s enough about shop talk. Winter is finally in the history books for another year and it’s time to ride. I just got back from the annual Big Tent BBQ at Eric and Susie’s house in Golden. There was a great turnout as usual with quite a few BMAC members there. Not only was there a good show of Nortons, but Jonathon Chaikin rode in on his Norvin. That is a Vincent Black Shadow engine in a Norton frame. What a work of art! It was great to see so many friends, meet a few new friends, catch up on the past and plan for the summer. After a great afternoon Gary Hopkins, Dennis Oberwetter and I rode back together, Jerry Pokorny and his grandson took off for home ahead of us. It was a pleasant ride home with light traffic on Hwy. 105. I’m sure that there are more motorcycles on 105 then there are cars on a Sunday afternoon. I guess the cars are out on the slab.

I’m going to miss the 4 corners rendezvous this year but I plan to attend the Phantom Canyon ride coming up June 22/23, the Top of the Rockies Rally in Paonia next month, the Beartooth Rendezvous in Red Lodge MT. in August and the Land of Enchantment BMW riders rally to be in Chama NM. in September. I’m sure most of you are making your summer plans too. There is plenty to do no matter what your taste. For those of you going to Bonneville I hope that you don’t get rained out for a third year in a row. You can find some of these events on our website and many more both close and around the country with just a little research. So lets get out and ride, starting with the meeting this Saturday, see you there.

BMAC Prez, Kris