The January meeting of BMAC came to order shortly after 11AM at Tap Traders
with 32 members in attendance.

2020 is off to a good start with several new rides:

John brought his 1948 T100 Tiger that he bought at Christmas

George bought Bob’s 1999 Adventure

Todd has bought another 1971 Bridgestone 200

Frank has a new Dunstall Commando

Dennis bought half of a 1958 Royal Enfield

John updated us on the meeting facility; we will continue to meet at Tap
Traders for the foreseeable future.

Robin is still looking for 2020 dues from a few folks, and as always has
plenty of club merchandise to help support us.

Bob and Jim spoke about the details for the new High Mileage Award. George
and Marsha have contributed a very nice trophy that is the actual high
mileage award her parents won back in 1966; like the other club trophies,
it will become a traveling trophy. 2nd and 3rd place will get free pick
from club merchandise.

Dana got up to solicit entries for the Super Show in early March.

Jerry and Tony presented the annual club awards:

The Sherm Schroeder Award for Motorcycle Innovation went to Tim and Frank
for Tim’s blown ’62 50cc Honda.

The BMAC Best Restoration / Creation of the Year went to Todd for his
Riverside 350.

The Carpe Diem LSR went to George for seizing the day.

Gary announced that he’d like to sponsor a Lake City ride later this year
to give BMAC an overnight event of its own. Please let him know if you are

John presented his ’48 T100 Tiger.

After the meeting, Gary led three of us on the first ride of the year, and
we got the first bonus miles of the year. If you’re the person on the
white Tiger, please let me know so you can get your miles.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Baker