This year, the 27th annual Riverside Ride, we had 50 riders who were on part or all of the Ride! We had gorgeous, perfect weather for both June 25th and 26th. Thanks to everyone who helped out and all who rode.


Riverside Ride pics 2016


Dana Robbins:  

I took my Yamaha Turbo bike again this year and it is finally fixed, the new Accel Super Ignition Coils did the trick,  ran like a top. The advertised factory top speed is 125, yet the speedometer stops at 85.  Anyway, I had the speedo pegged for many a mile, can you say “boost junkie?”  The most fun a man can have with his clothes on (haha!)  The weather was perfect and the mountains did not disappoint, can’t wait ’til next year to do it all over again!                       sincerely,     DanaTurboMan