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Ok, looks like Hans has a plan!  Still plenty of room for anybody who wants to join in.  Not essential you RSVP to Hans and you can just show up at the starting point or try to intercept the riders at one of the rest stops.

Ride hard, you can rest when you are dead.

Carpe Diem,




We have about 10 people going that signed up in the last 24hrs.  There might be more.  Some are on this email, some have told me verbally. Per consensus the
ride will be on the 17th.  Sorry to those who can’t make that date. 

Please be at the Walmart at 9:00am so we can do a meet and greet.  We will be leaving at 9:30am.  The weather is supposed to be right at 75 for the day with no chance of rain.  However, it is supposed to rain pretty hard the day before.  So if the weather
gods are off and Sunday looks gloomy, then those of us that can will try again for Sunday the 24th.  

Also just FYI.  We will take a break at Echo Lake by Mt. Evans.  That’s about 90 minutes into the ride.  The next break will be in Marshdale, about 5 miles outside of Evergreen, about 60 minutes after Echo Lake.  This is where we will make our lunch stop. 
There is a small convenience store there. About the only thing they serve on Sundays are breakfast burrito’s, if they have any left over by the time we get there. Just to the south, around a calming circle, is a small public park.  It has plenty of rest rooms
and picnic tables that are covered with shade. I stopped by there today at about 11:00am. The place was empty.  Only 3 other people were there.  Plenty of parking and room for us all.  We can gas there or about 3 miles or so up the road before we hit US 285. 
That would be the last stop before cruising down to Pine and the Platte River.  There is another stop there for a break with facilities.  Then its on to Foxton rd, Pleasant Pard Rd and back to the Walmart.  About another 60-75 minutes.

So hope to see you all there on Sunday.  If you have any questions write back.