The April meeting of BMAC came to order shortly after 6PM, for the first
time ever, online. It went very well for a first try; there were about 20
members in attendance.

Bob presented some photos of our winners from the Super Show.

Bob discussed the impact of coronavirus on the calendar; we are attempting
to preserve our schedule from July forward:

– July 11-12 – Lake City Ride
– July 17-19 – Triumph in the Rockies 2020 – Montrose
– July 25 – BMAC Club BBQ – Frank Puckett

We will continue to communicate as the situation develops but we really
hope to be able to make these events happen.

Speaking of coronavirus, Bob presented some safety tips for motorcycle
riders for flattening the curve while still hugging some curves. We joke
about riding being a great way to maintain social distancing, but there are
some real, practical considerations for riding while we continue to endure
the pandemic.

John presented his current project to make luggage racks fo his 1930 Harley
to present on basic metal fabrication. This month’s example was welding a
hex nut in place to make a mounting point for threaded rod or bolts.

Frank took us inside his garage for an update several of his ongoing
projects, including his Norton build; the chrome is back and looks great,
and he’s working on building his front caliper.

We will have an INFORMAL ride on Saturday for those who feel it is safe to
do so; as we start to emerge from the lockdown everyone will have to make
their own risk calculations, so please do not feel pressured if you are not
comfortable. We want everyone to be safe and healthy. We’ll be leaving
from the Pikes Peak Harley Davidson parking lot at 10:30 Saturday morning
and run up to the Castle Rock area and back. Hope to see you there.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Baker