The June meeting of BMAC came to order shortly after 7PM, online via Zoom,
with twelve members in attendance.
Confirmed upcoming events:
* June 27: BMAC meetup ride to Idaho Springs
* June 27-28: Riverside Ride:
As we continue to grapple with the scheduling chaos from coronavirus, the
following upcoming events are still (tentatively) scheduled:
* July 11-12 – Lake City Ride
* July 17-19 – Triumph in the Rockies 2020 – Montrose
* July 19: MotoGP (finally); Spanish GP 1 of 2
* July 25 – BMAC Club BBQ – Frank Puckett
* July 26: MotoGP; Spanish GP 2 of 2
We’re still waiting to hear about the British Motoring Conclave; no word
yet on how CV-19 will affect it.
Bob showed off Jim’s pictures of his new ride: a 1929 JD.
Bob also walked us through his Tiger suspension upgrade.
Dana gave us a virtual tour of his garage.
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Baker