The April meeting of BMAC came to order shortly after 10AM at Pikes Peak
Harley Davidson with 27 members and 2 guests in attendance.

Robin presented the treasurer’s report. As always, merchandise is
available and supports club activities, and we now have coffee mugs,
available for $5.

Upcoming Events:

• May 19 – Old Bike Ride 17 – Coordinator – Bob Ohman 303-570-9333

• June 2 – Norton Club of Colo./BMAC joint picnic – Noon at Eric Bergman’s
house in Golden.

• June 22-23 – Riverside/Phantom Canyon Run

• T.B.D. – BMAC Club BBQ – Frank Puckett

• July 19-21 – Triumph in the Rockies 2019 – Montrose

• August 10-16 – Speed Week – Bonneville -Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

• August 24-29 – Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trial – Formerly BUB

New Rides:

Jim has a Ninja 400 he’s turning into a track bike, Bruce has a new CB500X,
and Kristen Stewart bought the Sherminator.

Brian Flanagan visited us from The Bonneville Shop … a great place for
vintage British parts

Dana showed off his 1975 Honda 750, which took first place at the Super Show

John showed off his 1932 Harley Davidson VL

Frank presented a trip report on the 2019 MotoGP trip; he, Tim, George,
Marsha, Bob and Denise made the trip to both the race and the Hand Built
Show, and returned via Big Bend National Park and Twisted Sisters.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Baker