This is always a good ride and a chance to see a lot of our locals we might not get to connect often.

Denver and riders from points “north” (of Colorado Springs) are on their own schedule.  Consider riding with a local buddy to the gathering place in Golden as described in the attached link.

BMAC Ride captain Gary Hopkins is going to lead riders from Colorado Springs and points south to Golden.  The plan is to meet up at the parking lot of the Village Inn in Monument on Hwy 105 and the I-25 west exit.  It’s about an hour and 15 min. via the route
in this link so plan to leave Monument by 7:30 am (full tank of gas please) in order to be in Golden with a few minutes to spare to talk to your friends.,-104.958530/to/us/co/golden

Ride safe and keep the shiny side up

From: Eric Bergman 
Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2019 10:09 AM
To: Eric Bergman
Subject: Norton Colorado: Old Bike Ride on Sunday

Hi Folks,

Our next event is the 17th running of the Old Bike Ride, this Sunday,
May 19. It will start at the same time and place as last year, details
can be found on the website
Note especially the
requirements as regards the age of motorcycle and/or rider for
participation, and the exceptions we make for female riders and

Route maps will be distributed Sunday morning by me and/or Bob Ohman.
The route is one we’ve done before, about 100 miles of riding overall.
The weather forecast looks pretty good, a typical spring ride in the
Rockies, meaning there is an increasing chance of rain later in the
afternoon. Best bring some rain gear.

This year’s decals have been expertly designed (as usual) by Al Turner
and produced by Jerry Potts of Steel Tattoos. They will be distributed
at the lunch stop.

In the past we have sometimes arranged for a sag wagon and we will do it
again this year if anyone will volunteer. This is a way for someone who
is not otherwise eligible to ride the OBR to participate (I award 5 Pres
Points for it). Ideally, the volunteer will have their own truck, and
perhaps even trailer, but in a pinch you can drive my pickup (manual
transmission). I have a motorcycle trailer as well (2-inch ball). Get in
touch if you want to discuss this.

See you Sunday morning,