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From: bergman 
Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2020 12:16 PM
To: Eric Bergman
Subject: Norton Colorado: Big sale at Randy’s shop this Saturday

Hello Everyone,

The effort to find someone to take over Randy’s machine shop has
failed so the contents must be sold off and the building cleaned out. If
you are interested in buying anything from the shop, plan to be there
this coming Saturday, March 21, preferably with cash or checkbook in
hand and a truck or trailer, as appropriate. We will open the doors at
9am and plan to keep them open until about 3pm if there are still

Saturday’s sale is intended to be mainly for Norton Colorado members,
but we will not turn away our (and Randy’s) friends from the vintage
motorcycle and car communities, as well as his buddies in the machine
shop trade.

Nothing will have a marked for price. If you want it, make an offer, and
the decision will be made by one or more of Peter Allen, Mike Lasinski
and myself.

There is a large amount of scrap metal which will go very cheap.

You’d be wise to bring your own boxes if you’re interested in
smaller things.

All proceeds go to Randy so let’s try to avoid the most egregious
low-balling, but the fact is that the market for this sort of thing is
quite weak at the moment, so some return is better than having it go to
the scrapyard.

If you are interested in any of the larger machines, you can make an
appointment to inspect and (probably) try out the machine at a time that
is convenient for you.