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From: Jim Baker <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2020 7:11 PM

The pandemic continues to screw everything up, and it’s thrown a (Whitworth) wrench into things.  The global organizers and sponsors of the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride have decided they don’t want the liability and have taken the stance that all riders
for the event this year are ‘riding solo.’  Additionally, they’ve reached out to the local leadership of the rides and made it clear they don’t want this directive ignored.  Boulder Street Moto has a lot invested in that relationship, so we don’t want to screw
it up.  So,

To meet DGR’s explicit requirements and keep them happy with us as the local event sponsor, if you want to participate, do the following:

1. Register at
2. Sign up for the Colorado Springs ride (there is no specific team, COS is the team)
3. Donate and raise money!
4. Pre-register for the Zoom meeting at
5. Attend the Zoom meeting in your dapper best!  The zoom meeting starts at 10am, and will last no more than 30 minutes, during which there will be a couple of short speeches and some awards.  
6. Ride solo after the meeting

OK, now the lawyers are happy.

After the Zoom meeting and an appropriate, plausibly-deniable amount of time, Boulder Street Moto is hosting a Sunday afternoon ride followed by a BBQ.  Socializing starts at noon, kick stands up at 12:30, returning after the usual amount of time for a bring-your-own-meat
BBQ.  If you happen to be wearing vintage clothes or riding a vintage motorcycle, well, so be it.  Covid can’t ruin everything; just don’t call it DGR.  

For the second event of the day, a $10 donation to BSM gets you a snazzy BSM bandana / face mask, as well as drinks.  The BBQ is bring-your-own-meat.

Facebook event for the DGR ride @ 10am:
Facebook event for the  Sunday Throttle @ 12pm:

Both events are open to everyone, BSM membership is not required.