Next Saturday is Bob Ohman’s memorial service in Denver at 1 pm.  Riders local to Denver and points north are on their own timetable and ride route schedule.

For Riders from Colorado Springs and points south, we will meet in the parking lot of the Pikes Peak Community college on Hwy 83 next door to the New Life Church) at 11:15 am.  

Come with a full tank of gas as we will be leaving the start point at 11:30 am for the ride to Denver.  To avoid the brain damage of work on the I-25 corridor between Monument and Castle rock, we will be heading North on Hwy 83 (Parker Road) and turning on
to HWY 11 to Castle Rock.  There, we will pick up I-25 since there is no other good way to get up to Colorado Blvd. in Denver.

Our 11:30 am departure should get us there in plenty of time to socialize before the service at 1 pm.  Following the service, you have the choice to head home or off on a ride, or for most of us head over to Bonnie Brea (close to the funeral home) for Pizza
and drinks.

Ride home at your own pace or we will form up a return group to Colorado Springs.  Gary Hopkins will be our road captain and ride leader.

I hope you can make it.  For those of us who have had many good years with Bob, we will have a lot of “Bob stories” to tell and bring back some great memories – the way we should remember him.  Ever buy a bike from Bob or sell him on?  you get my drift.

See next Saturday!

Carpe Diem,