Hi all,

As we discussed in the last meeting, we’re setting up an open mailing list for unofficial club communications. 
This list will be used for coordinating informal rides and other events, as well as just general motorcycle discussion. 
The email address is [email protected] but to use it, you’ll have
to be added first.  

Great!  I want in!: Send an email to Jim Baker at

[email protected] and I will add you to the list.

Do I need a Gmail address?:  No. 
If you have one you’ll be able to use the web features of Google groups, but the group also functions as an email-only list.

This sounds awful.  Please count me out.:
No problem.  No one will be added without asking first. 
See above.  

I’ve made a terrible mistake. 
I want out.: Also no problem. 
In addition to unsubscribe functions in the emails, you can request to be removed by emailing the list itself or Jim Baker.


Jim Baker