BMAC Meeting at the Great British Food Company

February 5, 2022

20 people attended, including those on a zoom meeting. This was our first meeting offered on zoom for anyone who wanted to join. See the BMAC website for zoom information for the next meeting on March 5,

Jim Baker, Treasurer Report. $800.54 plus $1600 in merchandise. Reminder to pay dues if you haven’t yet. Pay dues on the website, or directly to Jim Baker at the meetings.

John Stoner: The club is still looking for 18 more members this year to cover costs for the summer barbecue, the holiday party and help with the March bike show entry fees. At the recent board members meeting, they looked at the dues and what we spend every year. Either we need to raise dues or have more members. There is a lot of pushback about raising dues. We really want to have more members to keep from raising dues. Bring family, friends, new riders or anyone who wants to join. In July, we’ll see where the budget stands and revisit whether to raise dues.

John mentioned we need someone to handle communications for the club, such as the live zoom, contacts, emails, etc. John is going to try to wrangle Jerry Pokorny to do this job. John is also working to implement a mail chimp account. Watch for more information from [email protected] to organize all communications from one account and not from various members’ personal accounts.

Pro Promotions Motorcycle Super Show, March 26 and 27, 2022 at the Penrose event center, It’s going to be just vintage motorcycles this year. Any bike over 35 years old is vintage. The club will pay for the first $15 of your entry fee of $30 for one bike for paid members. You must submit your application through BMAC — see all the details here to enter a bike with the club,

Frank Puckett is the winner of the BMAC 2021 Sherm Shroeder Award for motorcycle engineering for his BSA (model?). Frank showed pictures of his bike and other pictures from the Bonneville races.

Jim Baker talked about a bike that he was interested in and thinks is really cool – a 1973 Triumph X75 Hurricane. He saw one on bring-a-trailerlast year that sold for $28K, This is a rare bike with only 1200 produced in the 1973 model year. It was discontinued because it could not meet the U.S. sound requirements, too noisy!

Chris Geller is our 2021 mileage award winner. 12,114 miles.

Bob Wendl will take the odometer readings for the 2022 mileage competition. The basic rules are: take a photo of your odometer at the beginning of the year and send to Bob Wendl with subject of “mileage award entry” to [email protected]. Jan 1, 2023 take another photo and send it in to finish the year. You can count all your bikes mileage together; no matter when in the year you buy it. Just take a photo as proof of the starting mileage.

John Stoner shared some of the website information about the highest priced motorcycles from the recent Las Vegas motorcycle auction. Mecum Auctions’ total sales for January 2022 reached a combined $239 million, the company’s highest-grossing month in its 35-year history. Log into their website to see sales prices,

The next meeting is March 5 at Great British Food Company at 10AM.

Notes by Denise Wendl, BMAC Secretary