BMAC Meeting at the Great British Food Company. November 6, 2021.

Jim Baker will be the new Treasurer and reminded everyone to pay dues for 2022. You may pay dues on the website, . Reminder we have BMAC pins within our swag supply as well as patches, stickers, shirts.

Denise gave the Secretary minutes for October 2.

John Stoner: Holiday Party at the Tejon Eatery and Bar, Dec 11, 6-10 p.m. 19 North Tejon, Colorado Springs. This building is the new home of the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum, . Suggest parking in the city parking lot nearby — enter from Kiowa street just past the alley before Nevada Avenue. Don’t park in the lot to the south because of the price. We need a correct head count so watch for emails before November 20. Dinners will be paid for ahead of time with the vendors. We will be upstairs where the MC museum is located. We will do the usual gift exchange so bring a motorcycle related gift ($15 limit) if you care to participate. The Eatery will have service for us to order and we have a ticket to cover dinner. See the restaurants and menus, .

Jerry: Two primary competitions for awards. The Sherm Shroeder Trophy for innovative motorcycle engineering – turbo chargers and other mechanical enhancements. The BMAC trophy for restoration or fabrication – building from ground up or do some really cool stuff to an existing bike or bring a basket case back to standard.

Denise: The High Mileage award. Capt. Bob keeping track of those. If you bought a new bike during the year that you did not report in January 2021, you can still count it. You can count mileage on all bikes you own as long as they were ridden between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2021. We will remind you to submit mileage after Dec. 31 so we can announce this award at our meeting in January 2022 (which falls on Jan 1, so we will consider to change the date).

John Stoner: Presentation on how to figure out how much a collectable motorcycle is worth. He used the example of the 1909 Excelsior Autocycle which has very few existing bikes in the world. Prices of recent private sales and auctions may be one source. Other sources may be Hagerty, ; NADA, ​ . Or ask an expert on those certain motorcycles, like BMAC club members, etc. If using ebay, look at the completed auction price. Reminder don’t believe everything you read or see on the Internet! It’s best to see a bike or have someone you trust see the bike before purchase. Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

Frank Puckett: technical presentation on understanding valve guides, seats, grinding, etc. Frank got into working more with these projects because of his Bonneville bike projects.

Notes by Denise Wendl