BMAC Minutes, January 29, 2021

1. The January 2021 meeting of BMAC came to order on line at 6 PM, with
18 members present and no guests.

2. Our new president, Jim Baker, opened with all of us saying the
Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Robin gave the Treasurer’s Report. Current account balance is
$3,944. Robin reminded us, but especially new members, that we have
T-Shirts and other merchandise with BMAC logos on sale.

4. Maria, our new secretary, read the November 2020 minutes.

5. Presentation of Annual BMAC Awards:

a. Sherman Schroeder Award, Presented by Pat Holmes. Nominee was
George, for redesigning mounts to accept hardcase bags and ensuring Marsha’s

Winner: George Nachtsheim.

b. BMAC Restoration / Creation of the Year. Presented by Tony Haggar.
Nominees were: Lenny Spall, for Honda Trail 90; John Stoner, for 1948
Triumph Twin; and Lenny Spall for 1975 BMW.

Winners: 1st Place: Lenny Spall

2nd Place: John Stoner

3rd Place: Lenny Spall

c. Carpe Diem Land Speed Racing Award, Presented by Jerry Pokorny.
Nominees were Mel Downs and Helen Kafka.

Winner: Helen Kafka.

d. High Mileage Award, Presented by Jim Baker. The traveling trophy
for this newly established award was donated by George and Marsha
Nachtsheim. The last recipient of this award were George’s parents in 1966.

There were 11 competitors and 28 bikes involved.

Winners are: 1st Place: 10,062 miles, Kris Geller

2nd Place: 9,660 miles, Bob Wendl

3rd Place: 8,665 miles, Jim Baker

6. George gave a tour of his garage. 5 diff bikes and some of his
garage tools/equipment. George also showed the mounts he designed and
installed on his bike.

Respectfully submitted,

Maria Gerber