BMAC Meeting Minutes, February 26, 2021

1. The February 2021 meeting of the BMAC came to order on line at 6 PM, with
17 members present and no guests.

2. Our president, Jim Baker, opened with all of us reciting the Pledge of

3. Robin gave the Treasurer’s Report, with current balance of $3,822. Maria
read the January Minutes.

4. Bob Wendl explained the qualifications for the 2021 BMAC high mileage

a. Participant must be a BMAC member in good standing.

b. Take a photo of your odometer(s) and submit them to Bob.

c. All BMAC club rides mileage will count as double.

For further information/questions contact Bob.

5. Jim Baker presented pictures, and summarized, the tragic loss of the top
mountain Crosspoint Museum, in Austria. The 32,000 square feet wood
structure with 250 motorcycles and a few cars was destroyed by fire, Jan
19th 2021, with only 12 bikes surviving. Loss of rare and unique bikes
saddened many in the bike community.

6. Tech Time – John Stoner presented an informative instruction on Internal
Exhaust Coating. While some riders enjoy the visual affects of the blued
exhaust pipes, those who prefer to be chromed and on the cooler side, yes
cooler, literally and figuratively, can now attempt the internal coating of
their pipes. John recommended a product called Eastwood High Temperature
Internal Exhaust Coating, about $27 per can. He used a half a can. Dana
suggested using header paint at around $7 per can. Blues or Chrome. Your

7. Jim Baker had a slide show on the new 2021 Triumph line ups. So, get your
new Triumphs. They look awesome and prices went up just slightly from
previous years.

8. Gary Hopkins, our ride captain, discussed possible future rides. Gary is
researching a couple of possible overnight rides. Hopefully, when the
weather warms up, maybe in March, our Saturday club rides will resume.

9. Possible Meeting Place were discussed. Maybe the Great British Food
Company (near the Indian dealership) would be a great choice. With offerings
of great British foods. Slides of the foods looked delish.

10. New Bikes –

a. Denise W. 2013, 900 Scrambler. Black on black. Sure looks awesome!


b. Bob W. to keep things even in the family, Bob got a 2019 1200 Scrambler.
Congrats. Fantastic looking bike with all but one of the available options.
Tricked out to the max. Go Bob!

11. Frank talked about his Dunstall Commando, that can do 135 mph. He got
his exhaust chromed by Salt Lake Chrome. Frank also mentioned, exhaust
tuning. It’s worth it.

Respectfully submitted,

Maria Gerber, Secretary