The May meeting of BMAC came to order shortly after 10AM at Pikes Peak
Harley Davidson with 23 members in attendance.

Upcoming Events:

• May 19 – Old Bike Ride 17 – Coordinator – Bob Ohman, 303-570-9333; Gary
is leading this ride for BMAC and will meet the rest in Golden

• June 2 – Norton Club of Colo./BMAC joint picnic – Noon at Eric Bergman’s
house in Golden.

• June 22-23 – Riverside/Phantom Canyon Run

• T.B.D. – BMAC Club BBQ – Frank Puckett – we may just make this the July
meeting, maybe Sunday

• July 19-21 – Triumph in the Rockies 2019 – Montrose

• August 10-16 – Speed Week – Bonneville -Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

• August 24-29 – Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trial – Formerly BUB

Dana showed off his beautiful restored ’77 BMW R100S, Working with Kris

Frank reworked his Triumph Trident with a new battery and it starts now.

He also brought in a 50cc and 500cc piston. It was a day for comparisons,
as he also brought in an old ad to demonstrate why Frank/Triumph is better
than Dana/Honda.

Bob and Denise presented the day they spent replacing the single-side
swing-arm on the ST.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Baker