The February meeting of BMAC came to order shortly after 10AM at Pikes Peak
Harley Davidson with 16 members and one guest in attendance.

Robin presented the treasurer’s report; the club has 3,442 on account. As
always, merchandise is available and supports club activities.

Upcoming Events:

Super Show, March 2-3

The 2019 calendar is ready now and you should have received a copy in email.
Additions/edits are welcome.

New Rides:

Denise brought pictures of her hot pink ST

Jim is in the market for a Ninja 400

Bob continued his touring series using his planned trip to the Austin
MotoGP race, discussing route planning.

Denise presented the results of the Klutch aluminum polishing kit, which
saved a couple of pieces of her ST that had surface corrosion.

Jim presented his experience at the California Superbike School.

Todd showed off his frankly amazing custom Riverside tank. He’s planning
to take this bike on the Riverside ride this year, of course.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Baker