BMAC Meeting at the Great British Food Company

March 5, 2022

21 people attended, including those on a zoom meeting.

Jerry Pokorny has a new to him 1954 Royal Enfield Meteor, 700cc, that he will get ready for Bonneville races.

Todd Wallis brought his tank to show for his 1968 Montgomery Ward MC.

Jim Baker, Treasurer Report. $9158 plus merchandise. Reminder to pay dues if you haven’t yet. Pay dues on the website, []( or directly to Jim Baker at the meetings. We are still 11 members short to make our financial goals. If you aren’t receiving the emails now from [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), let Jim know.

John took a survey of who received the emails from this new address. You will get all club communications from this new email address.

We still need a Club Communications Manager, who would be doing the tasks: Managing the Live Zoom during meetings, coordinating meeting content with the President and other Officers, and other duties as assigned.

In the meantime, Jim Baker will be managing club communications and emails via the [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Pro Promotions Motorcycle Super Show, March 26 and 27, 2022 at the Penrose event center, [](

• Show Off your Vintage Moto (AMCA states any motorcycle over 35 years is vintage). So dust off your early 80’s Japanese Moto and put it in the show.

• Board has extended a $15 credit to all paid members that would like to show a bike.

• You must submit your Super Show Application and payment via BMAC and we will make sure your supplement payment through the Club is credited towards entry fee.

• Jerry P. has volunteered to manage this process and will communicate via [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

If not showing a bike, come and show your support. John or others may have extra wristbands for free.

John shared a website about “10 Colorado Motorcycle Rides” [](

John shared some hacks, tips and tricks:

For greasy hands, use Dawn dish soap and a finger brush. Maybe add sugar or baking soda. Stay dry to stay warm! Use a set of latex gloves for wet weather under your riding gloves. Use a trash bag under your jacket to keep dry and warm. Newspaper in your boots to help them dry out. Cuff vents to increase airflow to keep cool, $24. For gassy hands, use Dawn and lemon juice, maybe some sugar too.

John showed pictures of the new BSA Gold Star, 650cc, water-cooled, 45-bph, single. About $8500-10K. [](

Gary Hopkins is planning an overnight ride to Craig, CO the weekend of June 4 after our meeting. More information later.

The next meeting is April 2 at Great British Food Company at 10AM.

Notes by Denise Wendl, BMAC Secretary