The August meeting of BMAC came to order shortly after 10AM at Tap Traders
with 25 members and 3 or 4 guests in attendance.
Due to renovations at Pikes Peak Harley Davidson, the club tried out the
facility at Tap Traders, located in the old Alexander Film Studio on
Nevada. We will be meeting there through at least January; they are waiving
their normal fees so please make it worth your while by planning to eat
lunch during or after our meetings each month. The space is fun and
interesting, but has a couple of audio issues we need to figure out.
New rides included Jim L’s late-model 650 Vulcan, which is for sale; the
BMW 900 Lenny bought from Bruce; Jim B’s ’75 CL360; Gary’s ’61 BSA Super
Rocket; and Bob H’s ’78 650 Triumph.
The Christmas party will be in the usual location this year, but Jerry will
be out of town, so Dave will play host.
Dana, Frank, George and John all presented various parts of the Bonneville
report; by all accounts, the conditions were terrible. The track was slow
and wet, and conditions significantly delayed sessions and led to long
lines. Still, there were some bright spots and BMAC acquitted itself well;
Tim’s blown 50cc Honda in particular was a hit. In all the club took home
five records:

– John Stoner 350cc MPS-VBF 69.65 mph
– La Bandida 125cc MPS-BF 55.60 mph
– Puckett LSR 350cc MPS-PBF 81.524 mph
– Tim Tim Racing 50cc MPS-PBF 40.954 mph
– Puckett LSR 100cc SC-BF 52.246 mph

Upcoming events:
September 14-15: Colorado English Motoring Conclave in Oak Park; Ride the
Rockies tour on Saturday, followed by Conclave Show on Sunday. No charge to
simply go look.
September 21-22: RMRAT Fall overnight ride to Raton New Mexico
September 29: Boulder Street Moto DGR Ride; The Distinguished Gentleman’s
Ride is a global motorcycle fund-raising event to raise awareness of
prostate cancer and male suicide prevention. BSM sponsors the event in
Colorado Springs but it is open to anyone interested. Contact Jim B for
more details
October 4-6: Barber Vintage Festival at the beautiful Barber MotorSports
Park in Birmingham, AL. Whether you can make this specific event or not,
every moto enthusiast should visit this world-class track and museum at
least once.
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Baker