BMAC Members

Here are the details for the Norton/BMAC party on Sunday.  Sponsored by the Norton Colorado club, we have always been invited to be a part of this since we have a lot of member overlap between both groups so this has always been a great time to meet up with
a lot of folks we don’t get to see much of during the year.

Since our road captain Gary and I are both out of town this weekend, we have not organized a formal ride up from Colorado Springs, so if you are going I suggest you call a riding buddy and go up together.  Things don’t get under way until after 12:30 so no
need to get up super early and you can come home anytime you are ready, so it’s a leisurely paced event and a nice ride up 105 to Sedalia and then north to Golden via 470 (or I-25 if you prefer the fast track).

If you are a current paid Norton club member your costs are covered in your dues.  If you are BMAC only member (no duel citizenship) you are kindly requested to pony up a donation to pay food expenses since the Norton club is fronting this out of their budget. 
Usually there is a donation jar but if you don’t see it, please give something appropriate to Eric to pay your share and let him know you are with the BMAC.

Have a safe ride up and say hello to all my friends there.  Oh, and keep the shiny side up


Carpe Diem,


From: Eric Bergman >
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2019 4:27 PM
To: Eric Bergman
Subject: Norton Colorado: folding chairs for Sunday, and parking

Hi Folks,

There is always a need for extra chairs at the BBQ, so if you are
driving and can bring a few camp chairs or folding chairs, that will
help a lot.

If you are coming by motorcycle, pull into the driveway for parking, but
try to keep an open area between the house and the area in front of the
garage where most of the seating will be. We’re not trying to enforce
any segregation of Nortons this year. If you’re driving, please park
on the side streets north of the house. Parking is prohibited on 19th