BMAC Meeting at the Great British Food Company

October 2, 2021

We had 23 people including 2 guests, Doug Miller and his wife Melinda.

Robin gave the Treasurer’s report, our total balance is $3894. Robin is collecting dues for 2022.

Denise gave the Secretary minutes for Sept. 4

Jim Baker’s first order of business was to open the floor for club officer nominations.

Since Robin is stepping down as Treasurer, Jim put himself in for Treasurer. His nomination was seconded and the club voted yes.

Denise volunteered to stay as Secretary, was seconded and the club voted yes.

Jerry nominated John Stoner as President, was seconded and the club voted yes. John accepted.

Bob Wendl volunteered himself for Vice-President, was seconded and the club voted yes.

John Stoner shared his photos and experiences about his 2 fabulous motorcycle trips this summer.

1. Cross Country Chase — A cross country challenge for riders with motorcycles that were manufactured between 1930-1960, This is you and your bike and your tools. John worked on his bike every day to make adjustments to make it through. But despite all the challenges, he met great people who were always willing to help when needed.

2. Motorcycle Cannonball

John met a guy, Dave Currier, at the Chase, who contacted him to help crew on the cannonball run, which ran Sept 9 – 26. John was able to go for the last half to drive and wrench for Dave. The Motorcycle Cannonball,, is the most difficult antique endurance run in the world for pre-1929 motorcycles. This year ended up being about 3820 miles. Dave drove a 1911 HD single belt-drive. The route started in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan and ended in South Padre Island, Texas. John visited the Barber Motorcycle Museum on this trip and recommends it greatly.

Club members shared their memories about Bob Ohman, a long-time club member who recently passed away.

The club ride today is to the Rambler Ranch in Elizabeth.

Next meeting will be November 6, same place, same time.

Notes by Denise Wendl