The September meeting of BMAC came to order online at about 6:30 PM with
ten members in attendance. We had some technical issues getting the room
started. We discussed buying a BMAC Zoom account so the room address
doesn’t change and it will always be available.

Bob shared the board decision, discussed a bit in last month’s meeting,
that due to covid we will make the 2020 dues effective for 2021 as well. If
you’ve already paid 2020, you are good for 2021. New or returning members
will be asked to pay the annual dues for next year.

We discussed the Distinguished Gentlemen’s ride, which is this Sunday. The
sponsors of the global event do not wish to take on the liability for large
gatherings, so Boulder Street Moto will be holding a separate event – not
called DGR – where we do the same things. The money all still goes to
November, as usual. Both events are on the BMAC event page on Facebook.

Dana gave a brief Bonneville report; Frank, George and Marsha are all there
for another crack at the record book.

Bob presented on troubleshooting the Triumph check engine light after
crushing his ABS sensor with a pit bull stand, which apparently you should
not do.

Upcoming events:

Sept 26 – BMAC club ride

Sept 27 – Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride

Oct 4 – Jonesy’s Last Race Barn Party

Oct 11 – MotoGP Le Mans Bugatti Grand Prix Race Circuit, France

Oct 18 – MotoGP MotorLand Aragon, Spain

Oct 25 – MotoGP MotorLand Aragon, Spain

Oct 29 – BMAC club ride

Oct 30 – BMAC Monthly Meeting

Nov 26 – BMAC club ride

Nov 27 – BMAC Monthly Meeting

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Baker